MediaTek on average pays the highest wages in the semiconductor industry: survey (2020/10/18)
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    MediaTek on average pays the highest wages in the semiconductor industry: survey (2020/10/18)

    The semiconductor industry has long been considered to be a high salary payer. A recent online survey of semiconductor companies' salaries has confirmed this. But the results are still not what you might expect. TSMC, which has global fame, pays its employees a monthly average of NT$51,000, coming in at 6th place, while fabless semiconductor company MediaTek, at NT$84,000, was the most generous employer, ranked No. 1. Meanwhile, analysts are optimistic that salaries in the industry are set to grow even more, despite the pandemic.

    Fabless semiconductor company MediaTek has an 800-ping sports center that helps its employees achieve a work-life balance. But it's not just the company benefits that are appealing. MediaTek's average monthly salary of NT$84,000 is not too shabby either; it now tops the nation's semiconductor companies. Meanwhile, the average salary at Taiwan's famed contract semiconductor maker TSMC came in sixth place.

    Member of the public
    TSMC ranks sixth. I feel it is lagging behind. I had the impression that it was in the top three.

    Member of the public
    I had the impression it should be further in the front. After all, it is one of Taiwan's fairly large companies.

    According to an online platform that surveys companies' salaries, the three semiconductor companies that pay the highest average monthly salaries are MediaTek, Morningstar and Novatek, respectively. Realtek at NT$71K per month came in fourth and Micron at NT$56K per month came in fifth. But TSMC, which is highly regarded, only came in sixth place with a monthly average of NT$51K, a ranking that's quite lower than what most people would expect. Analysts attribute the wage differentials to each company specializing in varying levels of the manufacturing processes.

    Ting Chao-yu
    Financial analyst
    The growth in semiconductors is obvious due to the Sino-U.S. trade war and the impact of the pandemic, which are major driving forces behind their gains. So in terms of this industry's entire salary structure, I think in future there will be opportunities for wage growth.

    The prospects look good for Taiwan's entire semiconductor supply chain despite the pandemic. Analysts predict that demand for laptops and servers will drive growth in the semiconductor market. Demand is expected to continue into the post-pandemic era, and with this, wages are expected to rise even more.
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    台積電平均月薪51K 半導體最高薪:聯發科






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