10 lawmakers from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to visit Taiwan (2021/11/25)
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    10 lawmakers from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to visit Taiwan (2021/11/25)

    Ten parliamentarians from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will visit Taiwan next month. The plan was announced on Wednesday by Taiwan’s foreign ministry. The delegation will include the leaders of each country’s parliamentary Taiwan friendship group.

    Voice of Joanne Ou
    Foreign ministry spokesperson
    During their time in Taiwan, parliamentarians from these three countries will attend the Open Parliament Forum. They will also have a reception with President Tsai, and they will call on Speaker You Si-kun and Premier Su Tseng-chang at the Legislative Yuan. They will attend a banquet hosted by foreign minister Joseph Wu, and they will visit government agencies such as the National Development Council, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The itinerary will also include tour our country’s news infrastructure. During their stay, from arrival to departure, all activities will be held in compliance with pandemic regulations laid out by the Central Epidemic Command Center.

    Joseph Wu
    Foreign minister
    We look forward to them visiting Taiwan in person to take part in this forum. While they’re here participating, they’ll be able to see Taiwan’s democratic achievements for themselves. I think there won’t just be a delegation from Lithuania, but one from each of the three Baltic states.

    The delegates will attend the 2021 Open Parliament Forum, an event held by the Legislative Yuan, foreign ministry, the U.S.’ National Democratic Institute and the Taiwan-Asia Exchange foundation. This year, the theme for the forum is “Open Parliament in a Post-COVID Context: Global Examples of Resilience and Planning for 2022 and Beyond.” The two-day event will start on Dec. 2.
    中文 Chinese  
    外交大進擊! 波羅的海三國共10議員將訪台

    繼日前台灣跟波羅的海國家立陶宛互設代表處後,外交部週三晚間證實,包括立陶宛國會友台小組主席馬瑪竇(Matas Maldeikis)、拉脫維亞國會友台小組主席福燦(Janis Vucans)、愛沙尼亞國會友台小組主席楊森(Juri Jaanson)等10位國會議員,將一起訪問台灣。

    [[聲音來源:外交部發言人 歐江安]]

    [[外交部長 吳釗燮]]

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