Intense rains expected in south-central Taiwan through Sunday (2019/08/13)
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    Intense rains expected in south-central Taiwan through Sunday (2019/08/13)

    Heavy rains battered south-central Taiwan last night, with the worst of the downpours seen in Tainan. Work and classes were suspended in the city today due to flooding. Forecasters say to expect strong southwesterly winds and sporadic downpours in the area until Sunday.

    Here in Tainan, thunder rolled deep into the night. Torrential rains came in a cascade, leaving floodwater pooling in many parts of the region.

    At the Yunong Road culvert, rain water rose to half the height of car tires. Scooter riders were forced to step off and push.

    The lightning and downpours continued to 6 in the morning. Locals had a rude awakening as they opened their front door to a street covered in water.

    After flood updates arrived at the disaster response center, Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che declared that work and classes were suspended for the day.

    Huang Wei-che
    Tainan mayor
    Nature's rainfall has exceeded the man-made capacity of the storm drainage system. In six hours, there's been 240-250 millimeters of rain.

    The rains started to ease in the morning, allowing the floods to begin receding. Locals rushed to clear out the water from their homes. Chances are they'll have to do it again in the week ahead.

    Wang Chun-sian
    Between night and day, Taiwan goes from having a land breeze to a sea breeze. So in the evening, we'll see the land breeze converge with the southwesterly winds to produce a convective cloud system. That system will follow the southwest coast. It will be ushered inland by southwesterly winds and bring short spells of intense rains. Going by the data available now, it doesn't look like the situation will change until Sunday.

    According to the Water Resources Agency's disaster prevention site, a flood advisory is in effect in 25 administrative districts in Yunlin, Tainan, and Kaohsiung.

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    中南部變水世界! 短時強降雨恐持續到周日






    [[台南市長 黃偉哲]]
    "天然的雨量已經超出了,人為的水利設施的防救的範圍,六個小時就已經下了240、 250毫米了"


    [[氣象局技正 王君賢]]

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