Enjoy Cantonese delicacies on Taipei’s double-decker tourist bus, (2022/06/23)
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    Enjoy Cantonese delicacies on Taipei’s double-decker tourist bus, (2022/06/23)

    Taipei City’s “restaurant bus” is back in service. Six months after its first run, the bus service is back with Michelin-starred Cantonese meals prepared by a luxury hotel. From June to September, you can hop on board to enjoy the sights of the city along with gourmet fare. FTV reporter Stephany Yang has the details.

    Travelers show their vaccine passports, get their temperatures checked, and board the double-decker bus. In collaboration with a five-star hotel in Taipei, the Taipei City government is bringing Cantonese Michelin meals to its sightseeing bus service. Locals say they’re eager to hit the road via the “restaurant bus.”

    Member of public
    The pandemic is all right now. Once you get up in years, you ought to get out and travel.

    Member of public
    It’s been too long since I’ve been anywhere. We want to try the meal.

    Member of public
    If the food is good this time, I’d definitely want to ride the bus again.

    While enjoying the Michelin star meals, patrons can see some of Taipei's most iconic landmarks such Taipei 101, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Agora Garden, and Breeze Nanshan.

    Li Wan-yu
    Hotel PR
    Since Taiwanese are actually very familiar with and love Cantonese cuisine, we’re bringing these flavors to travelers. The meals are designed by a chef at our hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant. In addition to the dishes created by the chef, there are also meals that are reserved for gourmets or our VIPs.

    Eric Hsu
    Representative of bus service operator
    The number of confirmed COVID cases has been going down. Some passengers may have wanted to postpone or to cancel, but they decided to go ahead and ride anyway. About 80% of our seats are filled.

    The bus offers audio guides in Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean and Thai. With the world reopening, organizers hope to boost tourism and give locals a taste of travel.
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    北市雙層餐車與飯店合作 推粵菜米其林美食之旅







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