Taipei councilors push for district flowers to be added to street signs (2020/10/16)
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    Taipei councilors push for district flowers to be added to street signs (2020/10/16)

    Taipei residents, what's your district flower? If you're not sure, you're in good company. In 2010, district flowers were named across the city to celebrate the International Flora Expo. Officials promised to have the flowers added to street signs as a memento. But now a decade later, those signs are still not on the streets. Some city councilors want that to change.

    We stopped Taipei residents on the street to ask about district flowers. All we got were puzzled looks. Nobody knew their own flower. The flower street signs were promised back in 2010, but a decade later, only 290,000 of 1.12 million signs have changed. One city councilor has taken the government to task.

    Hsu Chia-pei
    Taipei City councilor
    You started promoting these new street signs in 2010. We only have 290,000 new signs. That means after 10 years, only a quarter of the signs in Taipei are new. Don't you think, sir, that's really a bit too few?

    Lan Shih-tsung
    Taipei Civil Affairs head
    Absolutely, yes. Many of us hoped to change the signs. It is rather few.

    Regulations state signs can only be changed for free if a street changes its name or administrative boundaries are altered. Otherwise a new sign costs NT$64 - not much, but not free either. In New Taipei City, free sign replacements were offered last year, and almost 100,000 are already on the street.

    Hsu Chia-pei
    Taipei City councilor
    New Taipei has got that far in less than a year, already a third of what we've done.

    Lan Shih-tsung
    Taipei Civil Affairs head
    If New Taipei is changing all theirs, and if the councilors are willing, perhaps we should also have a complete replacement.

    Urban aesthetics has been a motto of Mayor Ko Wen-je since his election. The Civil Affairs Bureau promises the signs will be upgraded before 2023 if the funds are available.

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