More than 3 million people waiting for second dose of Moderna (2021/09/14)
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    More than 3 million people waiting for second dose of Moderna (2021/09/14)

    More than 3 million people are waiting for their second shot of the Moderna vaccine. But currently, only about 240,000 doses are in stock. With time ticking and no shipments on the horizon, it’s possible the CECC will extend the dosing interval once again. Let’s hear from the health minister.

    Chen Shih-chung
    Health minister
    We’ll start administering once we receive some. It’s not like they’ll never come. They will start to come in, faster and faster. For the administration of Moderna, our highest-volume days were July 1 and July 2. This means many second doses are due for mid-September. That is to say, there’s now a demand for them, so once we get more Moderna, we’ll administer the second shots as soon as possible.

    So far, 11.43 million people have received their first shot of a COVID vaccine. About 1.05 million people have received a full two-shot regime. In related news, Japan has announced another vaccine donation for Taiwan, comprising 500,000 AstraZeneca vaccines. Health minister Chen Shih-chung thanked Japan, saying the shipment would be used to boost Taiwan’s two-shot coverage.
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    3百多萬人苦等莫德納第二劑 陳時中:9月盡快開放


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