Second Life for Waste Fabric (2020/07/20)
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    Second Life for Waste Fabric (2020/07/20)

    Taiwan's e-commerce industry is booming. But in 2019, it also generated about 18,000 metric tons of waste. A social enterprise has turned waste fabric into colorful, reusable packaging. It hopes that with time, more online retailers will adopt this stylish alternative that's good for the Earth.

    Shopping online is convenient and fast, but it comes at a cost. Most packaging used by e-commerce vendors are single use. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, packaging takes up almost a third of all plastics production. But only 14% of that packaging ends up recycled.

    Liu Jui-hsiang
    EPA Waste Management Division
    In 2019, NT$207.8 billion was spent on products online. That spending generated about 18,000 metric tons of waste.

    Not only that, overstock of woven and cotton fabrics in Taiwan reached more than 400,000 square meters by the end of 2016, according to the Taiwan Economic Research Institute. That's equivalent to the area of about 55 Sun Moon Lakes. These fabrics are then burned, destroyed or buried in the end, further damaging the environment. To reduce fabric waste and plastic packaging, a social enterprise is selling undergarments shipped in bags made of waste fabric. To deliver these unconventional packages, it's teamed up with the logistics network of a major convenience store.

    Jean Chang
    Brand founder
    Anything that can reduce greenhouse gases is our priority. Compared to disposable plastic packaging, our costs are nearly 10 to 15 times more.

    The social enterprise hopes that bags made from upcycled fabric can fill the packaging needs of the e-commerce industry while helping the environment.
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    減塑新行動 廢布料化身物流包裝紙


    [[環保署廢棄物管理處副處長 劉瑞祥]]


    [[創辦人 張倞菱]]

    社會企業業者希望用再生纖維製成的袋子,不只滿足電子商務行業的包裝需求,同時也減少對環境的傷害 。
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