KMT presidential hopeful Terry Gou slams President Tsai for taking his words out of context (2019/04/21)
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    KMT presidential hopeful Terry Gou slams President Tsai for taking his words out of context (2019/04/21)

    President Tsai Ing-wen and KMT presidential contender Terry Gou have been engaged in a war of words online. President Tsai's recent criticism of Gou's 2014 comment that "one cannot eat democracy" has prompted Gou to create an online poll on Facebook. Insisting that Tsai quoted him out of context, the infuriated tycoon asked netizens if they thought Tsai did this because she was, quote "stupid and naive or malicious and deliberate." Today, Tsai hit back in a subsequent Facebook post, drawing attention to the plight of imprisoned dissidents and Xinjiang reeducation camps in China.

    Terry Gou, the head of Hon Hai Precision Industry, seemed to be in a good mood as he wheeled his elderly mother around a park. But only yesterday the tycoon lashed out at President Tsai Ing-wen over her recent claim that Gou had once said "you cannot eat democracy." An angry Gou insisted he had been quoted out of context and organized an online vote on Facebook asking netizens if Tsai had made an incorrect conclusion about him because she was stupid and naive or because she was deliberately being malicious.

    Terry Gou
    Hon Hai Precision Industry Head
    We've posted something on Facebook. Go and look at it yourselves, OK? I am here today to concentrate on my mother.

    No matter what option netizens picked, the outcome was favorable for Gou. In 2014, Gou responded to the anti-China Student Sunflower Movement protesters by saying "you cannot eat democracy." He also said "you can't call every kind of social movement a democratic movement" and "the kinetic energy of democracy should be transformed into economic results and only economic gains can fill stomachs." These kinds of remarks were recently questioned by President Tsai Ing-wen.

    Tsai Ing-wen (4.19)
    "You cannot eat democracy?" Without democracy I'm afraid that all of society, and national development as a whole, will start to reverse. I remember a statement that was posted online: "Without democracy, all you have left is food."

    In Facebook post today, President Tsai hit back at Gou by saying "If you run for president, you must have to answer questions, rather than design online votes that lambaste other people as stupid or malicious."Giving examples, she said, "With Chinese-style democracy, people in Xinjiang reeducation camps, the late imprisoned Liu Xiaobo and dissidents that have gone missing all have food to eat-- but is this the kind of food that Taiwanese people can really swallow?"

    Given that he wants to run for president, Gou's idea that "you cannot eat democracy" is being reviewed in a fresh light. And with this, Gou and Tsai have launched a war of words on the internet.

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    "民主不能當飯吃"? 蔡郭臉書隔空大戰



    [[鴻海董事長 郭台銘]]


    [[總統 蔡英文(4.19)]]
    “民主不能當飯吃喔? 可是沒有民主,恐怕我們整個社會,跟國家的發展恐怕就會倒退了吧,我記得有網友說過,沒有民主只能要飯吃。”



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