Rules must change to protect wildlife from water sports: Liuqiu officials (2022/06/23)
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    Rules must change to protect wildlife from water sports: Liuqiu officials (2022/06/23)

    Officials on the island of Liuqiu say local rules must change to protect wildlife from water sports. Diving and water sports are damaging the marine ecosystem, say experts, with beloved wildlife like sea turtles bearing the brunt of habitat destruction. Local businesses and residents agree, it’s time to take better care of local ecology. Liuqiu Island is one of Taiwan’s top tourist destinations. The coral island and its aquamarine waters attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

    It’s common to see green sea turtles drift happily in the seas around Liuqiu Island. But these lovable ocean dwellers are profoundly disturbed by humans in their habitat.

    Recently, this injured turtle was taken for emergency care. The cracks in its shell were probably caused by the propeller of a boat, experts say. The ecosystems of Liuqiu Island have been damaged by human activity for decades. Now Dapeng Bay Scenic Area officials have brought experts together to agree a new plan: a protected area where motorized water activities are banned.

    Su Jui-fang
    Dapeng Bay Scenic Area Administration
    The water recreation area will extend all around Liuqiu Island, generally 600 meters out from the high tide line. Within the area, motorized recreational activities will not be permitted – for example, the use of jet skis.

    The natural landscape of Liuqiu is exquisite, and understandably, tourists flock here at every opportunity. But to protect the natural world from harm, some lines need to be drawn. Residents and businesses we spoke to backed the plans.

    Chen Po-cheng
    Tour guide
    I agree with it, to protect the ocean from being destroyed.

    Mr. Chen
    Diving industry
    I support it. I think it’s good, to protect the ecology, we need clearer plans, so that local businesses and tourists know which areas are the important ecological protection zones.

    Reports often suggest that divers around Liuqiu are disturbing the turtles, and that some diving companies attach ropes to coral reefs. Officials plan to make new rules for that too.

    Su Jui-fang
    Dapeng Bay Scenic Area Administration
    The Dapeng Bay Administration will work with Pingtung County to make suggestions for diving zones.

    Business and local government are in agreement: Something needs to change. Ecologists hope the new zones will protect wildlife, while allowing locals and visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature for many more generations.
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    小琉球過量遊客衝擊生態 鵬管處將管制水上活動




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