Online shopping sites launch recyclable packaging program (2020/10/16)
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    Online shopping sites launch recyclable packaging program (2020/10/16)

    Top online shopping companies are going green. Working with the Environmental Protection Administration, four e-commerce companies have launched reusable packaging that can be returned by customers, who can recycle the packaging at locations nationwide and get a chance to win big prizes.

    Online shopping is convenient and fast, but it also creates lots of plastic and paper waste. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, e-commerce used up approximately 30,000 metric tons of packaging in 2019. To reduce packaging waste from online shopping, the EPA launched a recycling policy in October. Four online shopping firms have joined: PChome, Momo, FPG Shopping, and Buy Directly From Farmers.

    Shen Chih-hsiu
    EPA deputy minister
    After the consumer receives the product and confirms that the product is not damaged, the packaging can be returned to the shopping platform's recycling station. It can be reused, which can go a long way to reducing packaging waste.

    After receiving their package, shoppers can bring the empty packaging to designated collection points. As an incentive, they'll get a chance to win prizes including an iPhone 12 or PlayStation 5. The collection points vary by company. For example, PChome and Momo are working with Chunghwa Post. People can insert packaging in any Chunghwa Post I-mailbox or any green mailbox around Taiwan.

    Cheng Chao-lun
    We're hoping to start off with fresh foods. We'll test them out and see their effect. This cold storage bag is mainly designed so that it can be reused many times.

    Wang Li-jung
    E-commerce company
    Our eco-friendly bag was made out of a used wrap from our storage room. It is recycled, washed, cleaned and then smelted, cooled, and then made into plastic and into this shape.

    The EPA will conduct a trial run of the program for two months. Officials hope the private sector and shoppers can work together to protect to shrink their carbon footprint.
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    減塑! 環保署推「網購循環袋」計畫



    [[環保署副署長 沈志修]]

    民眾收貨後,只要將空箱送到指定回收點,就能參加抽獎,有機會抽中iPhone 12或是PlayStation 5。舉例來說,PChome、Momo購物網與中華郵政「i郵箱」合作,取貨後,民眾把循環袋投入「i郵箱」或是一般的綠色郵筒,即可回收。

    [[ PChome 運籌中心代理籌長 鄭超倫]]

    [[Momo 物流管理處副總 王莉蓉]]

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