The show must go on for Thai cabaret in Thailand (2020/09/16)
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    The show must go on for Thai cabaret in Thailand (2020/09/16)

    A Tainan theater that hosts transgender cabaret performers from Thailand has reopened after a dry spell. The seven performers usually rely on tour groups to fund their theater, but with the coronavirus hitting tourism, things looked grim for business. The theater's owners even opened a grocery stall to ease their losses over the tough period. Now, although profits are still low, they've decided that the show must go on.

    Exciting music, fabulous costumes, and sexy moves – the Fengma Theater dancers from Thailand love the limelight.

    Township. Shows have been run by theater owner Chan Jiu-hsing for almost 10 years, and business relies on vacation tour groups. But due to the coronavirus, visitor numbers fell and the business was in peril. Without no shows on the schedule, the performers seemed to have no choice but to return to Thailand. But they begged Chan to find a way to let the show go on. So he and his wife opened a grocery stall.

    Chan Jui-hsing
    Theater owner
    We just got on with it and kept putting one foot in front of the other. When the performances stopped, the two of us decided to sell vegetables if we could, and managed to cover our losses a bit, so they could have a stage and a little income.

    The couple runs their veg stall for 10 hours a day, all while continuing their hostel business and paying for guests’ meals. Tourism has recently started to pick up again, and they decided the theater could reopen for the Seven Fairies’ shows.

    He works so hard. He has to sell produce and find audiences to come to our performances. Thanks boss!

    I’m so happy! When the audience claps and encourages us, swe feel so happy.

    Chan Jui-hsing
    Theater owner
    On average it costs an extra NT$10,000 for one person for one month. There’s also their meals to pay for.

    The theater is running a loss right now, with profits just 10% of their normal range. The vegetable stall will stay open but at least the performers can once more enjoy their time onstage.
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    老闆夫婦,決定每天擺攤賣菜10小時苦撐,不但繼續供住宿,每天還發餐費。近來觀光稍微回溫(pick up),老闆決定劇場重新開張,讓七仙女重返舞台。




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