Taiwan’s first San Tai Zi troupe for dancers with learning disabilities (2019/05/15)
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    Taiwan’s first San Tai Zi troupe for dancers with learning disabilities (2019/05/15)

    A one-of-a-kind folk dance troupe gave a sneak peek of their performance today in Yunlin, ahead of their China tour. The troupe is the first in Taiwan to only accept dancers with learning disabilities. Dressed as the deity San Tai Zi, they perform folk-inspired choreography to a boisterous techno beat.

    Wearing the costumes of the San Tai Zi, they go through a precise routine, bouncing to techno beat in a pulse-pumping display.

    They make it look easy, but this performance was made possible by lots of practice. Due to their learning disabilities, these dancers had to put in more hard work than most.

    They are part of an all-female dance troupe dedicated to Taiwanese with special needs. The group had been created to provide physical training through the medium of folk art. Over time, the group gained recognition as a performance troupe, and its members won praise as dancers.

    Lee Cheng-han
    Dance instructor
    They have to remember all these complicated dance steps and all the blocking while wearing a 20 kilogram costume. It takes quite a lot of physical stamina.

    The troupe is now going on tour. This Friday, these Yunlin-based dancers plan to fly out to China for a series of performances.

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    圓夢電音三太子 舞出生命正能量





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