Taipei mayor, DPP trade barbs over Kinmen-Xiamen bridge proposal (2022/06/23)
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    Taipei mayor, DPP trade barbs over Kinmen-Xiamen bridge proposal (2022/06/23)

    A war of words has broken out over a proposal to build a bridge. Specifically, a bridge that would connect the offshore county of Kinmen and China’s Xiamen City. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je touted the bridge last Saturday during a visit to Kinmen County. When his proposal was sharply criticized, he said that President Tsai Ing-wen herself had endorsed the bridge years earlier. The mayor’s claims have met sharp criticism from the Mainland Affairs Council and the DPP.

    Ko Wen-je
    Taipei mayor
    Taipower needs to subsidize Kinmen’s power generation to the tune of about NT$2 billion a year. If Kinmen were connected to Xiamen’s energy grid, there would be a savings of about NT$15 per kilowatt-hour. I’m considering this purely from an economic viewpoint. Of course, a Kinmen-Xiamen bridge would be good.

    Voice of Chiu Chui-cheng
    Mainland Affairs Council spokesman
    National security is a paramount concern in the promotion of cross-strait affairs. The current situation in the Asia-Pacific region and in the Taiwan Strait is complex and sensitive. In order to ensure national security and our overall well-being, the government has not pushed forward with any plans or policies regarding a Kinmen-Xiamen bridge. I’d like to ask everyone not to dance to the tune set by the Chinese authorities. Our government attaches enormous importance to the livelihood issues that Kinmen residents care about. It will do its best to support Kinmen’s economic development and the people’s wellbeing.

    Last week, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je proposed building a bridge connecting Kinmen and Xiamen. In response, Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council said that national security should be the top consideration in cross-strait relations. It said that Ko’s proposal was, quote, “ignorant” and “absurd. “

    Ko is now hitting back, claiming that the bridge was part of President Tsai Ing-wen’s campaign platform in 2016.

    Ko Wen-je
    Taipei mayor
    The Mainland Affairs Council rarely uses such strange words – words like “ignorant” and the like. In 2016, when Tsai was running for president, didn’t she propose this bridge when she was in Kinmen? Are you saying that in 2016, her views on Kinmen were “ignorant” and “absurd”? If this really is the case, the Mainland Affairs Council needs to give us all an explanation. I think they will all lose their jobs tomorrow.

    On social media, Taipei City government spokeswoman Vicky Chen posted the campaign platform of a DPP legislative candidate in 2016. The candidate called for a Kinmen-Xiamen bridge and for a feasibility study to be conducted within a year. According to Kinmen County Council Speaker Hung Yun-tien, President Tsai had indeed endorsed the bridge when she visited Kinmen as DPP chairwoman. But the DPP has denied the claim, saying the bridge was never one of Tsai’s own policies. It said that in July 2016 at the DPP’s national party congress, the proposal was broached only by delegates from the party’s Kinmen chapter.

    Hsieh Pei-fen
    DPP spokeswoman
    The news uncovered by Vicky Chen pertains to proposals and speeches made by individual delegates at our national party congress. It does not reflect the political views of Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen.

    Huang Shih-chieh
    DPP lawmaker
    Cross-strait relations involve such big issues that if a presidential candidate were to make such a policy, it would make international headlines. So clearly the claim is false.

    The DPP moved to quash Ko’s claim. It said the bridge was the brainchild of a legislative candidate, who already left the party in 2018.
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    柯嗆蔡2016提"金廈大橋" 綠:非蔡政見.從未討論


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