Taiwan museum says it’s uncovered four Picasso originals (2019/08/30)
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    Taiwan museum says it’s uncovered four Picasso originals (2019/08/30)

    Four forgotten prints by Pablo Picasso uncovered at a Taipei museum are believed to be originals, according to art experts. Workers at the National Museum of History found the prints tucked inside a collection of Picasso copies. Astonished by the fineness of the prints, museum officials sent them to art experts, who determined they were the real deal. The prints aren't worth much on the art market. But for the staff of the museum, they're a priceless stroke of serendipity.

    Since the death of Picasso in 1973, the National Museum of History has sent buyers to Europe to acquire copies and posters of the artist's work. Last July, the museum closed for renovation and tackling the task of reorganizing its collection. During this process, four artworks stood out for their striking beauty. They were submitted to professionals, who determined that the works were authentic Picasso.

    Hsin-tien Lia
    National Museum of History
    We convened a committee, and one by one the committee members assessed the four works. They believed that these works pre-date 1963. The experts believe that that these prints should be considered originals.

    Three pieces are color lithographs. They're titled "The Youth Circle," "Dove with Sun," and "Mother and Child." The fourth piece, called "Dove," is rendered with lithographic ink wash. Although the prints wouldn't go for much on the art market, the head of the museum treasures them as collectibles.

    Hsin-tien Lia
    National Museum of History
    The appraisal ranges from several thousand U.S. dollars to several tens of thousands. But I want to emphasize that as a museum, we're focused on the value of the works and not the price. I want to emphasize the serendipity that allowed our museum to cross paths with these works.

    The history museum says it plans to curate exhibitions that allow the public to see Picasso's beautiful prints.
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    史博物文物盤點 發現4張畢卡索真跡


    一切得從1973年畢卡索過世講起,史博館當時請人赴 歐洲 採購畢卡索複製畫和海報。去年七月,史博館閉館整修、進行文物整飭時,發現有四幅太過精美,請來專家鑑定,才確認是真跡。

    [[史博館館長 廖新田]]


    [[史博館館長 廖新田]]


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