Defense Ministry apologizes again over Nazi uniform photo (2011/07/08)
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    Defense Ministry apologizes again over Nazi uniform photo (2011/07/08)

    The Defense Ministry apologized for the second straight day Friday over a photo of soldiers decked out in full Nazi uniforms that was on its website. This time the deputy defense minister offered a personal apology.

    Deputy Defense Minister Andrew Yang visited Israel’s representative office in Taiwan express his regrets.

    Simona Halperin
    Israeli Representative to Taiwan
    I appreciate very, very much the response of the authorities and the government of Taiwan to this regretful incidence.

    Simona Halperin is Israel’s representative to Taiwan. The regretful incident she’s referring to is a photo that appeared on the Defense Ministry’s official website. The photo is of three soldiers wearing a Nazi uniform while at a ministry summer camp. On their hats are the Nazi eagle and a Nazi logo. The uniform is official Nazi regalia.

    Simona Halperin
    Israeli Representative to Taiwan
    I am positive it was a mistake of ignorance and not intention. I am willing to work with any relevant authority on making the right educational programs for all of the people in Taiwan.

    Andrew Yang
    Deputy Defense Minister
    We should place great importance on these universal values, so we will enhance the education of our soldiers and officers.

    An apparent lack of understanding ended up being a major affront to Jewish people everywhere. For the past two days the Defense Ministry has been very contrite, to express its regret to Israel and prevent a diplomatic uproar.

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