Ban on outdoor barbecues spurs demand for home barbecue appliances (2021/09/14)
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    Ban on outdoor barbecues spurs demand for home barbecue appliances (2021/09/14)

    Due to COVID fears, many local governments have banned outdoor barbecues this fall. That’s a blow for lovers of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival barbecue. But it’s a boon for makers of electric grills, who are cashing in on the demand for gadgets to cook up a feast at home.

    Pork kebabs and sweet corn are sizzling on a charcoal grill. To one side, tofu, meatballs and green peppers are boiling. Mid-Autumn Festival barbecues may not be like normal this year. Many people are turning to electric barbecues or home appliances.

    Member of public
    I’d made plans with friends to go to Yilan next week for a barbecue, but because of the ban, we canceled it. So I thought I’d go for one of these little barbecues at home. It has lots of functions, like it can do takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

    Member of public
    This type can do grilling and boiling, which suits me, because I love hotpots too.

    Businesses know what diners want. Double-function barbecues are booming.

    This two-tier design lets you fry eggs in the tiny pans at the bottom, with a holder grill on top. You can switch it for pans of loofah clam soup, or an iron plate for grilling steaks. It’s a compact design with big potential.

    Lin Yu-hsuan
    Online retail platform
    Since early September, we’ve seen massive profit growth. Compared to the same period in August, our barbecue product sales have grown fivefold.

    Gathering round the fire as a family is a big part of the fun. This little portable barbecue is no larger than a breadmaker. Its compact dimensions make it perfect for taking on a trip or using at home.

    Cheng Chu-ni
    Online retail platform
    This year, many consumers are choosing to stay at home and have a small barbecue with people they live with. We expect overall profits to be up more than 20% compared to last year.

    A search for electric barbecues reveals many models are already in short supply. Mid-Autumn Festival is just a week away, and Taiwan is preparing to serenade the moon from home.
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