Third televised forum: KMT, DPP clash over concurrent referendums and elections (2021/11/24)
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    Third televised forum: KMT, DPP clash over concurrent referendums and elections (2021/11/24)

    Let's move now to the referendum campaign. On Wednesday, the Central Election Commission held its third televised forum on the four ballot questions. During the morning session, KMT and DPP officials debated whether referenda should be held alongside general elections. Each side accused the other of using the issue to advance their political goals. Watch.

    It's the third televised briefing before the Dec. 18 referendum. KMT Councilor Chung Pei-chun makes a case for holding referendums alongside general elections. She says there would be no problem with doing so, if it were not for the DPP.

    Chung Pei-chun
    KMT Taipei City councilor
    You can all see the list I'm holding now. It's just 14 names long. But you can see that the Central Election Commission wrote my name wrong. The DPP says that we shouldn't hold referendums alongside elections, saying that doing so would result in the same mess we had in the 2018 local elections. But the actual cause of that chaos was the ineptitude of the Central Election Commission and the incompetence of the ruling party. The DPP is pissing on our boots and telling us it's raining.

    Chuang Jui-hsiung
    DPP lawmaker
    The 2018 elections were handled badly. Take a closer look at what happened. The first to take action over it was the DPP itself. We immediately demanded asked the head of the CEC to resign. I want to ask this representative here: To date, what has the KMT done that has been beneficial for the referendum process?

    Sparks flew as the two sides clashed onstage. Even former President Ma Ying-jeou became fodder for debate.

    Chung Pei-chun
    KMT Taipei City councilor
    The referendums under the Ma administration were different from the ones under the Tsai administration in 2018 and 2021. The Tsai administration is getting flooded with referendum proposals, which you blame on low petition thresholds. It'd be more appropriate to say that the Ma administration was willing to listen to public opinion. The Ma administration didn't try to force its will down people's throats, giving them no recourse but to seek referendums to express opposition to the government.

    Chuang Jui-hsiung
    DPP lawmaker
    In 2004, Lien Chan and James Soong filed a lawsuit over the results of the election, saying that holding a presidential election on the same day as a referendum was electoral fraud. Then in 2008, when there were two referendum questions about Taiwan joining the U.N., the KMT said that simply not picking up the two referendum ballots was OK. This is what the KMT always does - it's always pretending it's on the moral high ground.

    It was a trip back in history, as the two sides made their case. How does Taiwan hold a referendum that truly reflects public opinion? That's the big question voters will decide on Dec. 18.

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    中選會無能 公投礙大選? 鍾沛君嗆"尿不準怪馬桶歪?"



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