Sounds of the world on show at World Music Festival  (2019/10/18)
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    Sounds of the world on show at World Music Festival  (2019/10/18)

    The 2019 World Music Festival is on until Sunday at Dajia Riverside Park in Taipei. Put on by the Ministry of Culture, the live music bash brings together iconic groups from Latvia, Sweden and beyond. Over the weekend, festival goers can get a makeover from a unique Spanish performance group, which is world acclaimed for its fantastical hair sculptures.

    Bagpipers, drummers, and a bassist play an original composition on this Taipei stage. Hailing from Latvia, the musical group Auli was the opening performance at the 2019 World Music Festival @ Taiwan.

    Kaspars Barbals
    We will perform - I think 12 - 12 songs. It's instrumental music and some songs with singing, so you will hear the Latvian language.

    The festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture's Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development. The lineup is 20 performance groups from home and abroad, spanning four continents. The Swedish folk group Sotali will debut a collaboration with the Golden Melody Award-nominated pipa player Chung Yu-feng. Street theater company Osadia from Spain will give volunteers in the audience a wild hair sculpture.

    Yu Su-ying
    Festival sponsor
    At this year's World Music Festival, we're focused on delivering an experience for the five senses. There's the music itself that you hear. We hope to also bring in the other senses, with a particular emphasis on visuals.

    Peng Chun-heng
    Deputy Minister of Culture
    In recent years, the World Music Festival has become an important platform of exchanges between Taiwan's popular music - our original music - and the folk and contemporary music of the world.

    From now to Sunday, the festival is on at Taipei's Dajia Riverside Park with music, fun, and a feast for the senses.
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    世界音樂節登場 電音.古謠.國樂聽好聽滿


    風笛手、鼓手及低音大提琴手,在台上演奏自創歌曲,來自拉脫維亞的音樂團Au?i ,為「2019世界音樂節@臺灣」拉開序幕。

    [[Au?i 團長 Kaspars B?rbals]]

    文化部影視及流行音樂產業局 主辦「2019世界音樂節」,精心挑選20組國內外演出團隊,橫跨四大洲。瑞典的民謠團體SOTALI還特別與台灣獲得第30屆金曲獎提名的琵琶演奏家鍾玉鳳合作。活躍在許多音樂節上的西班牙街頭妝髮藝藝術家Osadia,也受邀幫民眾打造酷炫妝髮。

    [[世界音樂節策展人 于蘇英]]

    [[文化部政務次長 彭俊亨]]


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