Two-city exhibition explores mysteries of the nose (2022/06/22)
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    Two-city exhibition explores mysteries of the nose (2022/06/22)

    A new exhibition explores the mysteries of the nose and its role in fending off disease. Organized by the Taiwan Rhinology Society, the exhibit takes visitors on a deep dive into the nasal cavity, by way of immersive animations. Organizers hope the show will build public awareness of the viruses that live in the nose, and of how to prevent respiratory disease. The show opens in Kaohsiung tomorrow and will last until Sunday.

    Through this immersive animation, we dive deep into the world of the nasal cavity, the first line of defense in the human respiratory tract. Doctors say that many viruses and bacteria can lurk inside the nose.

    Huang Li-min
    NTU Children’s Hospital superintendent
    The nasopharynx is a very unique place. The structure happens to turn at an angle, and it’s a relatively large space, so lots of bacteria and viruses linger there and wait to infect us or be restrained by the body’s immune system.

    The Taiwan Rhinology Society is holding a traveling exhibition that explores the inner structure of the nose. Visitors not only get a better understanding of the nose, but get answers to their questions about the respiratory system.

    Yeh Te-huei
    Taiwan Rhinology Society president
    Generally speaking, the nose covers the distance from the nostril to the nasopharynx. We need to go back about 7 centimeters to reach the back of the nostril. If we need to reach the nasopharynx, that’s another 1 to 2 centimeters, about 9 centimeters in total. That’s the main reason the cotton swabs we use for collecting samples are so long.

    Doctors say that prevention will be key in the post-pandemic era. Besides preventing COVID-19, people should also beware the threat of pneumococcal disease. For high-risk groups in particular, it won’t be enough to vaccinate against just one disease.

    Huang Li-min
    NTU Children’s Hospital superintendent
    Second-generation vaccines are actually very effective against omicron. In addition, you should get the vaccines offered at the end of the year, because you’ll only see results after you get all your respiratory vaccines, such as those for flu, pneumococcal disease, even whooping cough. If it’s a respiratory pathogen, you should get the vaccine for it.

    Fearing a new viral wave this fall, doctors advise vaccination for the flu and pneumococcal disease to lower the risk of severe illness and death.
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    當心肺炎鏈球菌致命威脅! 醫:不能只打一種疫苗



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