An end in sight for DPP’s presidential primary (2019/05/15)
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    An end in sight for DPP’s presidential primary (2019/05/15)

    Over in the DPP, the primary is idling in a so-called "negotiation phase" that's scheduled to end next Wednesday. After that, President Tsai Ing-wen and her challenger Lai Ching-te are expected to debate policy. and then face a national poll. Today Lai was at a university as he continued his recent push to court young voters. Meanwhile the incumbent candidate attended a public function, where she touted her presidential achievements.

    At this event held by the Overseas Community Affairs Council, Tsai touted economic and diplomatic achievements.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    I assure our countrymen and compatriots that Taiwan's macroeconomic stability is first in the world. Taiwan absolutely does not fear suppression. We are determined to be a part of the international community.

    Meanwhile her primary challenger Lai was at a university in his second straight day of talks.

    Lai Ching-te
    DPP primary candidate
    Even if you are all students who learn under the same master and throw the same punches, there will be differences in the students' skill. Moreover, during my medical training, I had to make decisions every day.

    Lai has been attempting to strike a chord with Taiwan's younger voters. In the latest polls, he trailed far behind Tsai when it came to the youth demographic.

    Lai Ching-te
    DPP primary candidate
    There are all kinds of polls. We ourselves have conducted polls. We have a clear picture of the electoral situation.

    The DPP's "negotiation period" ends in a week, and both Lai and Tsai appear unlikely to yield. Today the DPP initiated talks with both camps over the next steps in the primary, which include policy presentations and an opinion poll.
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