Taiwanese national in China’s custody on national security grounds (2019/09/11)
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    Taiwanese national in China’s custody on national security grounds (2019/09/11)

    Chinese authorities have confirmed that they are holding Taiwanese national Morrison Lee, who went missing in August in China. A spokesman from China's Taiwan Affairs Office said Lee was arrested for allegedly jeopardizing national security. An adviser to Pingtung County's Fangliao Township, Lee was reported missing after traveling to Hong Kong in late August. His family has hired a lawyer who is working with the Taiwan government to secure his release.

    Ma Xiaoguang
    Taiwan Affairs Office
    Based on our understanding, Morrison Lee was arrested on suspicions of criminal activities endangering state security, and he is under investigation.

    An adviser for Pingtung’s Fangliao Township, Lee has been missing in China since late August. The Taiwan Affairs Office has confirmed that he was arrested by Chinese authorities. Lee had traveled to Hong Kong on Aug. 18. There’s been no word from him since Aug. 20.

    Chen Ya-lin
    Fangliao Township
    On the 20th, he had contacted me with a phone call. He had sent me something that looked like a media report -- he sent a photo of something that looked like PLA troops. I don’t know whether he had taken the photo. Then in the morning, afternoon, and evening, he was unreachable.

    Lin Fei-fan
    DPP deputy secretary-general
    We really hope to prevent the Li Ming-che incident from happening again.

    Lin was referring to an activist who worked in an NGO for human rights in China. Li was arrested when entering China for “subversion of state power.” He has been in jail since.

    Su Tseng-chang
    We are deeply concerned about our compatriots who are detained in China. Our Mainland Affairs Council and other relevant agencies will be involved in negotiations that ensure the safety of our citizens is a top priority.

    Cho Jung-tai
    DPP chairman
    We will provide assistance. However limited our powers may be, we will do everything in our power to assist.

    Lee’s family is reportedly working with the Mainland Affairs Council and the Straits Exchange Foundation to secure Lee’s release. They have also sought out an attorney to negotiate with the Chinese government. The ruling party said it is unacceptable for Taiwanese in China to “disappear” into custody without cause.

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    傳解放軍邊境照被消失? 國台辦證實李孟居被捕


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