In a national first, Taichung high-school students allowed to form political parties (2019/05/15)
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    In a national first, Taichung high-school students allowed to form political parties (2019/05/15)

    Taichung First Senior High School has set a national first by allowing its students to form political parties. At least three students are needed to start a party, according to rules released Monday. It's only been two days but the school has already received two applications, including one for a socialist party. The school says teens will enjoy the freedom to express their beliefs on campus, as they learn valuable lessons about democracy.

    It's got its own constitution and charter, as well as its own yellow-and-blue party emblem. This party and a second, socialist-leaning party have completed their registration.

    Right now, both in our student body and society at large, there are some misunderstandings about what we call socialism. We hope to be able to help people understand what the mission of socialism is.

    Chen Meng-hong
    We have something called the Taichung First Senior High School Political Parties Act. It is not related to the Political Parties Act of our country. Under the act of the school, party members must be students of Taichung First Senior High School. Upon graduation, these students will no longer have party membership.

    The school hopes that by allowing students to create parties, they can get a head start on the democratic process. But one academic contended that this might not be a good thing.

    Shen Yu-chung
    Tunghai University professor
    Our worry is that campus political activities will affect their studies. And from a public affairs angle, we could end up with students having partisan clashes at the high-school level, or having irrational debates. These are things we would rather not see.

    As the first school in Taiwan to allow political parties, Taichung First Senior High School is giving grown-ups much to debate.

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    首創!中一中通過"政黨法" 學生校園可組黨




    [[台中一中學務主任 陳孟宏]]


    [[東海大學政治系教授 沈有忠]]


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