Earthquake drills conducted around Taipei on National Disaster Prevention Day (2017/09/21)
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    Earthquake drills conducted around Taipei on National Disaster Prevention Day (2017/09/21)

    Eighteen years ago today, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake devastated central Taiwan and left more than 2,000 people dead. September 21st has since become known as National Disaster Prevention Day. Several drills were held today to publicize the importance of being prepared when a disaster strikes.

    Smartphones sound an earthquake alarm, and children at Jingmei Elementary School in Taipei don their disaster prevention headgear and hurry out of their classroom into the school’s courtyard.

    Today is the 18th anniversary of the 1999 earthquake in Nantou as well as National Disaster Prevention Day. The Central Disaster Emergency Operation Center held an earthquake evacuation drill at the school, and President Tsai Ing-wen was there to watch.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    I saw all of you take part in the drill today, and I was very, very impressed with what I saw. We hope that everyone in Taiwan can take precautions and be prepared so that when a disaster hits, we can keep losses and damage to a minimum.

    The Taipei Universiade’s official Formosan black bear mascot Bravo also publicized disaster prevention, appearing at an earthquake drill held by the Taipei City Fire Department. The event taught children the three steps to take in an earthquake: “get down, take cover, and hold on.”

    When the simulated earthquake hit, Bravo quickly tried to squeeze under a desk, but because he was too big, only his head fit in the space. Not to worry, though, because the children followed the mascot’s lead in taking cover, turning the drill into a success.
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    921地震18周年 國家防災日宣導避難掩護




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