James Soong calls Han ‘a pilot who’s never flown a day in his life’ (2019/12/03)
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    James Soong calls Han ‘a pilot who’s never flown a day in his life’ (2019/12/03)

    People First Party presidential candidate James Soong had fighting words for both of Taiwan’s main parties on Tuesday during a radio interview. Soong accused the DPP of tyrannical governance. He criticized the KMT for nominating Han Kuo-yu, who he likened to “a pilot who has never flown a day in his life.”

    James Soong
    People First Party presidential candidate
    The KMT chose the wrong person. How could they choose such a person? I’m not putting it properly. But look, if a competent person were campaigning, would I have joined this election? Han has no experience at all. Take a person who hasn’t flown a day in their life and let them be your pilot. That’s imperiling your own life. Where would you end up? You’d have no idea.

    Under siege for splitting the blue vote, Soong aired his side of the story in a radio interview. He’s long parted ways with the KMT. He’s also served twice as Tsai Ing-wen’s trade summit envoy, raising allegations that he curried favor with the DPP to secure official appointments.

    James Soong
    People First Party presidential candidate
    Did I become an official when I was named APEC representative? If she had not sent me, Taiwan would not have been able to attend at all. I can tell you this now. I had direct channels, because in 2014, Mr. Xi had issued an invitation to me. When I was in the mainland, I had communicated with him. I said that the two sides of the strait must be reconciled.

    Ahead of the 2020 election, Soong launched barbs at both sides of the divide.

    James Soong
    People First Party presidential candidate
    In the past, the KMT had one-party dominance. These days, the DPP wields one-party oppression. I’ll be frank. These parties are two brothers of the same rotten kind. I am very far away from the presidency. Taiwan is even farther away from our ideals.

    Even Ko Wen-je, reportedly Soong’s political ally, wasn’t exempt from criticism.

    James Soong
    People First Party presidential candidate
    The most important thing about creating a party is that you have to have core positions and ideals. I would like to ask him what his party’s core ideals are. You can’t just talk about the past – you have to talk about the future.

    With a little more than a month left till Election Day, Soong’s guns are blazing with strong rhetoric as he works to lift his party in the polls.

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