Website offers Taiwan opportunities, supplies to Ukrainians in need (2022/06/23)
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    Website offers Taiwan opportunities, supplies to Ukrainians in need (2022/06/23)

    Amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, a group of young activists has launched a website that offers resources to people in Ukraine. Titled the “Here I Stand Project,” the website connects Ukrainians with opportunities and resources in Taiwan.

    Here I Stand Project member
    For people interested in working or studying in Taiwan, this platform consolidates opportunities for them. The third kind of integration we do pertains to supplies. We will match up supplies with volunteers, who will fly them from Taiwan to Warsaw. Then Ukrainian volunteers will make the 15-hour drive from Warsaw to Ukraine.

    Mark Ho
    DPP lawmaker
    I also pledge that there will be opportunities for internships.

    Ukrainian expat
    I am very moved that so many people in Taiwan are paying attention to this. Even though events in Ukraine are so far away from you, so many people want to help out. I am extremely moved and also extremely thankful. I hope that in the future Taiwan and the Ukraine will have a beautiful relationship.

    The website offers an array of information on job openings and educational opportunities in Taiwan. Users can also make requests for supplies to be shipped from Taiwan to Ukraine.
    中文 Chinese  

    烏克蘭戰火未停,為了整合支持烏克蘭的民間力量,一群年輕人特別創立''Here I Stand Project ''的資源平台',盼透過網站,集中各式資源,送到烏國當地。

    [[HISP-UA資源平台成員 Ray]]

    [[立委(民) 何志偉]]

    [[在台烏克蘭人 Lia]]

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