State-of-the-art cancer center seeks donation from Terry Gou (2019/06/12)
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    State-of-the-art cancer center seeks donation from Terry Gou (2019/06/12)

    Administrators of a state-of-the-art cancer center are seeking a donation from presidential hopeful Terry Gou. The National Taiwan University Cancer Center was completed last year with a NT$15 billion donation Gou made in 2007. It now needs another 8 to 10 billion NT to buy the equipment required for full-scale operations. Administrators hope Gou will make up the shortfall, so that the facility can open its doors as scheduled, on July 4.

    After a decade under construction, NTU Cancer Center was completed last year. It’s slated to open on July 4, but funding woes have put a spanner in the works.

    Construction began in 2007 with a NT$15 billion donation from Gou’s Yonglin Healthcare Foundation. This donation was for establishing the Yonglin Biomedical Engineering Hall, building a radiation science and proton therapy unit, and promoting biomedical projects. The agreement was that all costs for staff, operation, and medical equipment would be covered by NTU. In 2018, the cancer center was completed. Due to a multi-billion-dollar shortfall in NTU’s procurement budget, the center is not equipped for full-scale operations. Administrators have taken out a NT$1 billion emergency loan from the university’s endowment.

    Hoping Gou would put up more funding, NTU’s president Kuan Chung-ming arranged a meeting with the tech tycoon. But Gou canceled last minute, leaving the university at a loss for how to plug the gap in its budget.

    Terry Gou (Nov. 15, 2015)
    Hon Hai chairman
    With anything that can be beneficial to cancer patients, money is absolutely not a concern.

    Gou had made his first donation years ago to set up a medical center in memory of his first wife and his younger brother, who both died from cancer. As July 4 draws near, it’s still up in the air whether the cancer center can officially open as planned.

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    郭台銘捐百億蓋台大癌醫中心 營運陷窘境





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