Hitler lookalike figurine sparks controversy (2011/09/27)
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    Hitler lookalike figurine sparks controversy (2011/09/27)

    A Hitler lookalike key ring and magnet on sale at 7-Eleven stores have drawn sharp criticism from the de facto Israeli embassy. The blogger who made the cartoon figure apologized but also defended his creation, saying he had no intention of promoting Nazi thinking.

    Mark Lee has made a name for himself with an online cartoon where office workers are often put under pressure by a mean boss. However, some people are concerned that, in his latest incarnation, the boss looks like Hitler. And the appearance of Hitler lookalike souvenirs in 7-Eleven convenience stores has sparked a controversy.

    Mark Lee
    To create the boss, I combined a large number of concepts. I think the boss is a dictator, and the first dictator I think of is the Nazis. The boss is very loyal to his money. So I put a lot of different ideas into this boss, including some Japanese military concepts.

    Lee emphasized that, unlike his boss, Hitler did not have bloodstained fangs, was not bald and was definitely not fat. But similarities, including the brown shirt and red armband with a small dollar sign, made the character too similar to the former Nazi leader.

    Simona Halperin
    Israel Economic and Cultural Office
    Hitler’s image used, either in a negative or a positive way, but used as a marketing aid or a message, is offending.

    Mark Lee
    Maybe my creation bothers some particular people. I regret this and apologize.

    In fact, Lee’s boss character has previously been seen in clothing similar to that of the Star Wars villain Darth Vader and even a Chinese emperor. He said the controversy this time took him completely by surprise.
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