It’s pheasants vs. photovoltaics at Taitung’s Zhiben Wetlands (2019/03/19)
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    It’s pheasants vs. photovoltaics at Taitung’s Zhiben Wetlands (2019/03/19)

    Conservationists are speaking out against a planned solar farm at Taitung’s Zhiben Wetlands. A local group has discovered that the wetlands are a major breeding habitat for the Taiwan ring-necked pheasant, a rare bird that is protected by law. Conservationists fear that the hundreds of solar panels would become a threat to the fragile ecosystem that the bird needs to survive.

    With its iridescent feathers and red wattle, the bird cuts an elegant sight as it forages in a field. Taiwan ring-necked pheasants aren’t common, but birdwatchers can often find them at Taitung’s Zhiben Wetlands.

    Su Chun-jung
    Wild Bird Society of Taitung
    There are relatively large populations here at the Zhiben Wetlands.

    Taiwan ring-necked pheasants mainly inhabit grasslands and are classed as a “rare and valuable” protected species in Taiwan. According to a survey by the Wild Bird Society of Taitung, the Zhiben Wetlands have 72 eggs for every 10 hectares of land, or over a 1,000 pheasants hatched every year. That makes it the bird’s largest breeding ground in Taiwan. Scholars say the county government should leave the 260-hectare wetland alone and abandon its plan to make it a solar farm. That plan is only the latest in a string of government proposals, which include a proposal to build a theme park.

    Perng Jen-jiun
    National Taitung University professor
    Last year we verified that the Zhiben Wetlands are indeed an important breeding habitat for ring-necked pheasants in Eastern Taiwan, and even in all of Taiwan. It should be protected.

    Volunteers have been sent to conduct a census on the pheasant population in the wetlands. Conservationists hope to use hard data to convince the government that nature is just as important as sustainable energy.

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