New surveillance camera can tell who in a crowd is not wearing a mask (2021/03/17)
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    New surveillance camera can tell who in a crowd is not wearing a mask (2021/03/17)

    A new surveillance camera can tell if pedestrians are social distancing or wearing masks, even when scanning large crowds. The new CCTV system was developed at Chang Gung University's AI Center. Researchers hope it could be used to improve Taiwan's response to public health threats.

    Students come and go in the atrium all day long. But on this surveillance camera, they're marked with red or green boxes. This visual public health surveillance system was developed by the team at Chang Gung University AI Center. The green boxes indicate a mask is worn, but if you don't social distance, a red box replaces it. The system can even tell if you wear a mask incorrectly, exposing your mouth or nose.

    Chen Jen-hui
    Chang Gung University AI Center
    As long as we can collect and analyze data from all the different locations, then we can monitor it. It's much more comprehensive than the spot checks used in the past. That means, as long as you have surveillance camera footage, it can immediately identify.

    It's very different from current identification systems that only monitor one person at a time based on facial profiles. As the center's deputy head Chen Jen-hui陳仁暉told us, identifying objects with footage like this allows you to monitor who is wearing a mask and social distancing. And the key innovation is it can identify multiple people at once with 97% accuracy.

    Yin Shou-kai
    Chang Gung University Computer Science Dept.
    When we first wanted to collect some data, we asked students from the lab to walk around spontaneously, and collected that data.

    Huang Chun-lin
    Chang Gung University student
    Actually we don't have a lot of fancy patterned masks in our dataset, so there could be some errors identifying those. We'll have to adjust it to the most suitable parameters for the dataset.

    They plan to deliberately create more data using multicolored masks to overcome that flaw. In time they hope to use data from public CCTV cameras, which could be used to improve Taiwan's public health system.
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    長庚大學研發視覺防疫系統 口罩沒戴好也能揪出



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