Han Kuang live-fire drills postponed after Air Force outbreak (2021/06/10)
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    Han Kuang live-fire drills postponed after Air Force outbreak (2021/06/10)

    With COVID-19 still spreading, the Ministry of National Defense has postponed the live-fire drills of the annual Han Kuang exercises. The five-day drills were scheduled to start July 12, but will be pushed back likely to September. The decision comes after a COVID outbreak in the Air Force, involving six personnel believed to be in sensitive strategic operations.

    Missiles strike targets in this old footage of the annual Han Kuang live-fire drills. This year's test of combat readiness was scheduled for mid-July. But with the pandemic showing no signs of slowing, the drills have been postponed to keep troops from gathering en masse.

    Lo Chih-cheng
    DPP lawmaker
    We respect the decision reached by the Ministry of National Defense and national security units' comprehensive assessment.

    COVID has already reared its head in the Air Force, with an outbreak at the Songshan base command on June 1. By June 8, there were six confirmed cases. It was shortly after the first case that Japan Airlines delivered vaccines, and three U.S. senators flew in on a military freighter, all to Songshan airport. According to Chinese-language media, the six cases are members of a sensitive combat unit: If the infection spreads, the defense ministry intends to close down the current operations unit and activate a standby unit to ensure national security.

    Voice of Chen Kuo-hua
    Air Force political warfare officer
    Those who should be isolated will be isolated, and those who should receive medical care will get care. As of this time, the status of all combat-readiness operations is normal. There will be no impact. Personnel screening, PCR testing, unit cleaning and disinfection, and the isolation of personnel are all being implemented in accordance with government regulations.

    To reduce infection risk, the defense ministry has asked troops not to cross city or county lines when leaving their barracks on holiday. But even with the movement restriction, it'll be hard to keep COVID out without vaccines.

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    防群聚漢光演習延期 空軍6官兵確診



    [[立委(民) 羅致政]]


    [[聲音來源: 空軍政戰主任 陳國華]]
    “該隔離的隔離,該就醫就醫,目前所有戰備執行都正常,(戰力) 不會受到影響,人員的篩檢,PCR檢測,單位清潔消毒人員隔離,完全依照政府規定執行”

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