Researchers unveil smart lighting that fights insomnia (2019/10/29)
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    Researchers unveil smart lighting that fights insomnia (2019/10/29)

    Sleeping well at night can get harder with age. A Taiwanese research team has developed a smart lighting system that they say can help seniors with sleep disorders. The indoor system is calibrated to simulate natural light. In the researchers' study, seniors with dementia were able to sleep 37% longer after just one month of use.

    This 85-year-old woman suffers from chronic insomnia. She's among the many elderly people who have what's called sundown syndrome. They sleep late and rise early, and their inner body clock is reversed. They are prone to experiencing mood swings and taking it out on their loved ones.

    Ms. Chen
    My mood is poor and I don't sleep well. Nothing is wrong exactly, yet my mood is like this.

    Ms. Huang
    Patient's family member
    When it comes to insomnia, there are good times and bad. At times when the patient has a fixed schedule of activities, sleep improves. The patient's mental state is very good.

    National Yang-ming University and an optoelectronics company worked together to develop smart lighting that mimics the color, wavelength and illumination of sunlight. The team exposed seniors with dementia to one hour of smart lighting per day. After one month, the seniors' average sleep time rose from five-and-a-half hours a night to seven hours and 13 minutes. That's an increase of 37%.

    Liou Yiing-mei
    National Yang-ming University
    If you're able to go outside and get good natural light, that's great. But if you're looking for results in a short amount of time, then you'll want to use the smart lighting. It can stimulate the production of serotonin, which at night becomes melatonin that helps you get a better night's sleep.

    Therapy with smart lighting can restore sleep cycles and bring normalcy back to the life of the elderly. The research team says it will first introduce the light system at hospitals, schools, and hotels. Researchers will also explore the light's effects on conditions like myopia, obesity, and depression. Their hypothesis is that better sleep leads to better health.
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    長者睡眠品質差 "智慧光照"助增37%睡眠時間



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