Activists, Tibetans to march on 60th anniversary of Tibet uprising (2019/03/07)
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    Activists, Tibetans to march on 60th anniversary of Tibet uprising (2019/03/07)

    Activists and Tibetans in Taiwan will take to the streets on March 10, to mark an abortive uprising of Tibetans against Chinese rule in 1959. At a press conference announcing the event, the DPP’s secretary-general openly endorsed the event, in a rare show of support for Tibet’s self-determination. Since coming into power in 2016, the DPP has kept low-key on the Tibet issue. But today DPP Secretary-general Luo Wen-jia said that there would be no ambiguity in the party’s position going forward.

    Standing outside the Legislative Yuan with Tibetan flags and a portrait of the Dalai Lama, Tibetans in Taiwan called for a free Tibet.

    Tashi Tsering, the son of exiled Tibetans, has lived in Taiwan for almost two decades. Today he drew on his people’s history to urge his adopted homeland against a potential peace agreement with China.

    Tashi Tsering
    Human Rights Network for Tibet and Taiwan
    China killed 1.2 million Tibetans. It wiped out Tibet’s army. In the end they proposed the Seventeen Point Agreement. Not even 10 years after signing, the Dalai Lama and other 80,000 Tibetans were forced into exile in India. I implore Taiwan’s government to be very careful when negotiating with China in the future and to not forget Tibet.

    Long-time supporters of Tibetan independence, including the New Power Party and the Social Democratic Party, will take part in the March 10 parade. Even the DPP, which has kept a low profile on the Tibet issue for three years, appeared ready to make a more public show of support.

    Luo Wen-jia
    DPP secretary-general
    We won’t be able to go all-out when it comes to mobilizing participants, because this year’s legislative by-elections are coming right up. But our basic position and attitude are very clear. There will be no ambiguity.

    Luo added that the Dalai Lama has the right and freedom to travel to any place he wishes, including Taiwan.

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    310"西藏抗暴日60周年"遊行 羅文嘉等將出席




    [[西藏台灣人權連線理事長 札西慈仁]]
    “(中國) 殺120萬藏人,還有西藏軍隊殺光,最後他們提出17點和平協議,簽完之後,不到10年,達賴喇嘛尊者跟8萬藏人已經流亡到印度。我要拜託台灣政府,以後跟中國談判的時候,要非常小心,不能忘記西藏”


    [[民進黨秘書長 羅文嘉]]

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