Physicians warn against taking NRICM101 formula without a prescription (2022/05/13)
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    Physicians warn against taking NRICM101 formula without a prescription (2022/05/13)

    NRICM101 is a traditional Chinese medicine formula that's shown promise in preventing severe COVID illness. But doctors are now warning against taking it without a prescription. At a press conference on Friday, TCM practitioners said that the formula is not one-size-fits-all, that it often needs to be customized to suit the individual patient. They urged people not to buy the formula online, noting that it's illegal to do so without a prescription.

    Assorted herbal remedies are displayed at this press conference held by a lawmaker and the Taipei Chinese Medicine Association. Amid reports of its efficacy against COVID-19, the NRICM101 herbal formula has soared in popularity. It’s being sold online for NT$5,000 and above – at many times its original price. But at Friday’s press conference, doctors warned that buying it online is illegal without a doctor’s prescription.

    Lin Yuan-chuan
    Taipei Chinese Medicine Association
    The NRICM101 formula is medication that should be prescribed by a doctor. Commercial pharmacies cannot sell it without authorization. It is illegal to sell it without authorization. It’s not a health food. There are many symptoms that a COVID patient might have – some have a sore throat, some have nasal congestion, some experience dizziness, and some develop aches all over their body. This can only be dealt with through a dialectical consultation with a professional physician.

    At the press conference, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners said prescriptions should be adjusted based on each patient’s constitution and symptoms. They said a fixed NRICM101 formula might produce different results for different people. Taiwan has a robust TCM network, with more than 1,000 clinics in Taipei City alone. Doctors said that confirmed COVID patients should speak with a TCM practitioner online, in order to obtain a prescription.

    Shen Jui-pin
    Taipei Chinese Medicine Association
    The resources available include “scientific” preparations of herbal formulas, NHI teleconferencing, and informative videos. We can support your treatment. Going from a positive to a negative can happen very quickly. We have a great deal of experience, we don’t take a rushed approach, and we don’t just have a fixed formula on hand. We have many variations of that formula. For example, say that you have more phlegm than other people do. We will prescribe auxiliary drugs to relieve the phlegm.

    Mark Ho
    DPP lawmaker
    If you hoard the NRICM101 formula in your home, and you’re a person with a relatively weak constitution, you might experience some upset after taking it. There might be some after-effects that we’re not yet clear on. So if you want to take this formula, you should get it through a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

    Amid a surging epidemic, the lawmaker said people should seek out medical professionals, instead of taking therapies that may do more harm than good.
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    "清冠一號"私賣喊價上萬 醫:藥材充足請看診開藥



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