Transport ministry creates proposals for Pingtung high-speed rail (2019/07/11)
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    Transport ministry creates proposals for Pingtung high-speed rail (2019/07/11)

    Transport officials have produced two proposals for bringing the high-speed rail to Pingtung. One plan connects the Zuoying terminal station to downtown Kaohsiung before reaching Pingtung. The second plan goes to Kaohsiung’s airport before linking to Pingtung. Both proposals will be submitted to the Executive Yuan for review next week.

    Zuoying’s High Speed Rail Station bustles with travelers throughout the week. Previously, plans to extend the bullet train line in the south were studied for feasibility and then rejected. But the transportation ministry has returned to the drawing board with two fresh proposals.

    I’m from Pingtung’s Chaozhou. I think extending it to Chaozhou would be quite helpful for local transport and the economy.

    The two new plans are more expensive than the ones before. One calls for an underground link between Zuoying and downtown Kaohsiung, which then extends eastward to connect Liukuaicuo in Pingtung. This plan is aimed at improving transport in Kaohsiung and Pingtung, and it would cost over NT$100 billion. The other proposal links Zuoying with Kaohsiung International Airport and continues east into Pingtung’s Chaozhou. This plan would facilitate the flow of tourists, but it would incur tremendous fees for demolition and underground construction. The price tag is estimated at NT$150 billion.

    Hu Hsiang-lin
    Bureau of High Speed Rail
    From a ridership standpoint, Pingtung does not reach the acceptable level needed in our feasibility study. But if we think about this from the angle of national and regional development – the prospect of reaching that goal is something we are factoring into the overall evaluation of the high-speed rail extension plan.

    The build-operate-transfer contract signed by Taiwan High Speed Rail and the government only covers the line between Nangang and Zuoying. If the track were to be extended, the two sides would have to sign another contract for the new stations.

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    [[交通部鐵道局局長 胡湘麟]]
    “屏東運量角度來看的話,可行性沒有達到一個可接受的標準。如果我們從國土跟區域發展角度來思考的話,可以達到這個目的, 這個是我們併同現在包括高鐵延伸整體再做考慮。”


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