Soldiers to help transport infected COVID patients (2022/05/13)
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    Soldiers to help transport infected COVID patients (2022/05/13)

    Taiwan's soldiers are taking on a new mission, that of transporting COVID patients to hospitals. They'll start first in New Taipei, which has been hit especially hard by the pandemic. The city's first responders are under strain, as they now make more than 200 ambulance trips a day to pick up infected people. To ease the burden on the city, soldiers will soon take the ambulance's wheel. The military will deploy 140 ambulances and 280 soldiers to support New Taipei and other areas in need.

    At this New Taipei fire department, soldiers practice putting on personal protective equipment. With the number of COVID cases rising daily, the military will soon support the pandemic response by transporting infected people. PPE is a must.

    Once their mission is complete, the soldiers remove and sanitize their PPE, all in line with the standard protocol. Recently, the National Fire Agency requested the military’s help with transporting COVID patients. To ensure the soldiers’ safety, the Haishan branch of the New Taipei Fire Department conducted a drill on Friday.

    Lin Po-ying
    ROC military health official
    Our officers at all levels are here to receive training and guidance. We’ve arranged for licensed medical personnel and ambulances to assist the local fire department in transporting infected people. Earlier this month, we sent people to New Taipei hospitals to help with testing.?

    Lin Shih-min
    New Taipei Fire Department emergency rescue division
    After daily cases broke the 10,000 mark, our workload increased to more than 500 ambulance trips a day, with more than 200 of those for confirmed cases. Of course that is a heavy burden on us, but so far, we have had the capacity to handle it.

    New Taipei has been hit hardest in the rise in cases. So far, it’s been able to cope, but authorities are preparing for a greater surge. The military has assigned 140 ambulances and 280 personnel members to transport infected people. The soldiers will be sent to areas where the need is greatest.
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    防疫生力軍報到! 國軍協助載送確診者就醫




    [[陸軍三支部衛生營長 林伯穎]]
    “本營本次接獲各級長官的指導與規劃,投入具緊急救護證照的人員及救護車,協助地區消防局傷患(病患) ,防疫後送的工作,那本營五月份由相關人員,已經投入新北市聯合醫院的快篩任務”

    [[新北市消防局緊急救護科長 林士閔]]

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