FDA demonstrates how to use rice cookers to disinfect used face masks (2020/04/05)
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    FDA demonstrates how to use rice cookers to disinfect used face masks (2020/04/05)

    With the nation donning masks to fight COVID-19, surgical masks have become a precious commodity. Can the lifespan of a face mask be extended? The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration showed us how. It turns out that all you need is a rice cooker.

    At the Central Epidemic Command Center’s daily press conference, a rice cooker became the center of attention. Health Minister Chen Shih-chung tried to demonstrate how to use it to extend the lifespan of a used mask.

    Laughter broke out after the minister mistakenly put the rack inside the inner pot. After the rack was placed in the right spot, which is under the inner pot, the used mask should go inside the inner pot, which stands on the rack. The thing to remember is that no water should be added. Just turn on the appliance, let it cook for three minutes, and then let it sit for five minutes before removing the lid. The mask is then completely disinfected.

    Wu Shou-mei, Director General
    Food and Drug Administration
    If you put water in it, it’ll affect the mask’s static electrical layer. So what about using alcohol to disinfect it? Actually, that’s not a good idea.

    Lai Chuan-yu
    Chung Shan Medical University
    Since the temperature of the inner pot reaches 165 degrees, all the germs that need to be killed are killed.

    The FDA found that rice cooker disinfection can kill more than 99% of the germs and lower the mask’s efficiency by just 1% to 2%. It advises that a used mask can be disinfected this way four to five times at most. However, if a mask is soiled, torn, or is used by someone with a chronic disease or respiratory symptoms, it should be discarded.

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    口罩電鍋乾蒸三分鐘 靜置五分鐘大功告成




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