Tsai visits Datan algal reef ahead of Dec. 18 referendum (2021/11/25)
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    Tsai visits Datan algal reef ahead of Dec. 18 referendum (2021/11/25)

    There’s less than a month to go before the Dec. 18 referendums. One question on the ballot is whether an LNG terminal project in Taoyuan should be moved away from an algal reef. When visiting the reef on Thursday, President Tsai Ing-wen rallied the public to vote “no.” She said that the terminal was key to reducing air pollution in central and southern Taiwan. She said adjustments had already been made to the construction plan, to preserve the ecosystem of the reef.

    President Tsai Ing-wen is here at the controversial site of the Datan terminal project. She’s joined by the vice economics minister and the mayor of Taoyuan, as she inspects the state of a nearby algal reef. It’s her first visit to the site since 2013.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    All the way from Xinwu to the Datan Power Plant – for me, this is like revisiting my old haunts. On the internet, many people have seen pictures of me taken during my visit to Xinwu eight years ago. I had written a note that read, “May the algal reefs remain forever.” At the time, I had written it to urge protections for the Guanxin algal reefs. Secondly, I want to explain right here, that the third LNG terminal is not being built on an algal reef. I want to make it clear to everyone that the terminal project is already one-third of the way complete. And everyone was able to see just now that Datan algal reef is still there, in its original place.

    Lee Chia-hua
    FTV reporter
    Ahead of the Dec. 18 referendum, the president needs to tell the moderate voter, as well as environmental groups, how she will strike a balance between environmental protection and national development to deliver a win-win.

    At the end of this construction site is the Datan algal reef. The terminal will be relocated by 455 meters, to eliminate the need for dredging that could destroy the reef. Compared to the project’s blueprint under the Ma administration, the current area of development is 90% smaller, spanning just 23 hectares. Tsai said the project would contribute to Taiwan’s power supply, and that the reef would still be preserved.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    Electricity generated by Datan will play an important role in stabilizing the power supply of the north. This third LNG terminal, and the Datan project in particular, is crucial to reducing air pollution in central and southern Taiwan. Protecting the reef and reducing air pollution are not mutually exclusive.

    Tsai spoke at length about the project, whose fate will go up for a vote on Dec. 18. She also vowed to create a fund of NT$1 billion that’s devoted to reef conservation.
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