Petition to recall Han Kuo-yu exceeds 500,000 signatures in 26 days (2020/02/23)
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    Petition to recall Han Kuo-yu exceeds 500,000 signatures in 26 days (2020/02/23)

    The movement to recall Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu is continuing. On Sunday, a coalition of NGOs and the pro-independence Taiwan Statebuilding Party declared supporting signatures had broken the 500,000 mark in just 26 days. Although this well exceeds the legal threshold of having signatures of 10% of the electorate to launch a recall vote from Kaohsiung citizens, the groups want to continue collecting signatures to boost political momentum.

    The calls to dethrone Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu are as loud as ever. Even a new immigrant from Thailand put down her signature today. In just 26 days, collected signatures in support of recalling Han broke the 500,000 mark.

    Chen Kuan-jung
    I think we have demonstrated the results of our joint efforts today. More than 500,000 citizens have placed their confidence in us. We will work hard to remove Han Kuo-yu from office.

    Chang Po-yang
    Taiwan Statebuilding Party
    So many people participated in this signature drive, from centenarians to young people in their early 20s. Even friends from abroad signed our petition.

    Aaron Yin
    WeCare Kaohsiung Founder
    We’ve never stopped. I want to report to everyone this has only reached our goal for this stage of the recall proceedings. We hope everyone can continue to put down their signatures. We want the number of signatures to exceed 570,000 – or even higher.

    The coalition says they want to continue with the signature drive and use the accumulated energy to enter the third stage of recall proceedings, which is a vote from Kaohsiung residents.

    中文 Chinese  
    掀開韓國瑜遮羞布 罷韓連署26天衝破50萬份

    高雄的罷韓連署如火如荼持續進行當中,包含WeCare高雄、台灣基進黨及公民割草等罷韓團體,跨黨派分進合擊 ,才短短26天,今天就正式宣布連署衝破50萬份。


    [[罷韓領銜人 陳冠榮]]

    [[台灣基進新聞輿情部副主任 張博洋]]

    [[WeCare高雄發起人 尹立]]


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