AIT says US military personnel posted in Taiwan since 2005 (2019/04/04)
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    AIT says US military personnel posted in Taiwan since 2005 (2019/04/04)

    The American Institute in Taiwan yesterday confirmed for the first time that U.S. military personnel are in fact posted at its Taipei office. AIT spokeswoman Amanda Monsour told the Central News Agency that active duty service members have been detailed to the AIT since 2005. This unprecedented admission comes shortly after Chinese warplanes’ foray across the median line of the Taiwan Strait. DPP lawmakers say the U.S. announcement is significant, marking a step forward in Taiwan-U.S. relations.

    In a new video, the AIT announced it was finally making the move to its new headquarters. It’s big news, but what grabbed headlines was the AIT’s first-ever admission that U.S. military personnel have been posted in Taiwan since 2005.

    Wang Ting-yu
    DPP lawmaker
    This voluntary disclosure represents an upgrade to Taiwan-U.S. relations. After PRC fighter jets crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait, the U.S. is making it known that it has active duty personnel in Taiwan to protect the AIT and counter China.

    Ruling party lawmakers view the AIT’s announcement as a step toward normalizing Taiwan-U.S. relations. They say U.S. military presence at the AIT is a strong signal that the non-official body is a foreign embassy. It’s also an indirect nod to Taiwan’s status as a nation. In the past, AIT officials have been cautious when discussing the issue with media.

    Kin Moy
    Former AIT director
    …officials, when we respond to those questions, to say that these are very difficult matters to discuss in public. We don’t make political statements with our security.

    The AIT’s admission on U.S. military personnel was picked up in Chinese state media Global Times, which gave it the headline “Netizens Retort: Get Out.” As the cross-strait situation shifts with the AIT’s announcement, Beijing is making its stance clear.

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    AIT五月搬家! 首證實2005年就有陸戰隊進駐



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