At Double Ten flag-raising, Han Kuo-yu turns up the heat on Tsai (2019/10/10)
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    At Double Ten flag-raising, Han Kuo-yu turns up the heat on Tsai (2019/10/10)

    Over in Kaohsiung, Mayor Han Kuo-yu led a flag-raising ceremony that marked National Day on Thursday. The flag-raising quickly turned into a campaign rally, with the crowd chanting slogans and Han giving a stump speech. Later in the day, he and his policy advisers released a white paper on cross-strait policy. One adviser, Su Chi, said Tsai Ing-wen's reelection would trigger a volcanic eruption from China.

    As the crowd chanted in support of Han’s election bid, the National Day flag-raising ceremony quickly turned into a campaign event. Mayor Han took the stage, and the more he spoke, the more enthusiastic he became. Then suddenly, a mishap.

    Behind him, a large national flag came off the stage. But Mayor Han was the picture of equanimity. He proceeded to tear into the DPP for five minutes straight.

    Han Kuo-yu
    Kaohsiung mayor
    People have been saying, it feels like this country is being destroyed. I’d like to ask you, who was it that turned the Republic of China into “this country”? Who is that is trying to expunge the Republic of China’s history? Who compares Taiwan with Hong Kong, day in, day out? At this juncture, what we Taiwanese need is not the sense of national annihilation. Today what we most need is a sense of security.

    In the afternoon Han changed into a shirt adorned with the national flag. He and his team of national policy advisers presented a “cross-strait policy white paper,” and open fired on the president once again.

    Su Chi
    Ex-National Security Council official
    I’m very worried about next year. If President Tsai is reelected, the volcano will erupt. There are many people in China who have already restrained themselves for a long time.

    Wang Ting-yu
    DPP lawmaker
    Are you now a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office? Are you speaking on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party? Or do your words constitute a threat to Taiwan’s democracy? Su Chi fabricated the “1992 Consensus,” and now he also wants to fabricate a volcanic explosion.

    During Thursday’s National Day celebrations, Mayor Han spared no criticism of the president as he worked to consolidate the blue base and shore up support.

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    升旗典禮變造勢? 韓國瑜批民進黨操弄"亡國感"




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