China plans to blacklist more ‘diehard Taiwan secessionists’ (2021/11/24)
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    China plans to blacklist more ‘diehard Taiwan secessionists’ (2021/11/24)

    China says it will add more pro-independence Taiwanese figures to its blacklist. Currently, the list has three people. They are Taiwan's premier, legislative speaker and foreign minister, who've been hit with travel bans and economic sanctions. On Wednesday, China's Taiwan Affairs Office said more names will soon be added. It also warned that the time for, quote "true regret" will come soon. In response, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council said it's drawing up its own blacklist, for Chinese officials who violate human rights.

    China's Taiwan Affairs Office says it will add more people to its list of "diehard Taiwan secessionists."

    Zhu Fenglian
    China's Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson
    There won't just be three people on the list of diehard Taiwan secessionists. We also noticed that recently, there has been one Taiwan secessionist in particular who's been leaping up especially high to proclaim regret for not having made the list. Fret not. The time for true regret will soon come.

    The office did not specify who it was referring to.

    Wang Ting-yu
    DPP lawmaker
    All this talk about leaping up high or low. We are free in Taiwan. We have our own trampoline of democracy, and China needs not concern itself with it. Saying that Douglas Hsu is a financier for Taiwan independence supporters is simply a ludicrous joke. In the cage that is China, whatever they claim you said becomes what you said. Whatever they claim you stand for, becomes what you stand for.

    In response to China's list of secessionists, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council says it will create its own blacklist. It will be made up of human rights abusers in the upper echelons of the Chinese government, who will be barred from entering Taiwan.

    Su Tseng-chang
    The CCP always used to say that it welcomes Taiwanese businesspeople, that it'll pull out the red carpet and wash your feet. Nowadays, China turns on you whenever it feels like it. It's like how as China gets stronger, it ramps up its air and naval activity to stoke tensions with neighboring countries. This is not good. Allowing people from both sides of the strait to have friendly and mutually beneficial exchanges is the only way to truly bring blessings to the people.

    Premier Su Tseng-chang condemned China for walking back its promises on cross-strait exchanges. He said that by stirring up conflict, China is only exposing its true face to the Taiwanese people.

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    台獨頑固份子第二波! 國台辦:有些人跳得特別高



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