Level 2 alert extended to Oct. 4 and exhibitions allowed with conditions (2021/09/19)
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    Level 2 alert extended to Oct. 4 and exhibitions allowed with conditions (2021/09/19)

    The Level 2 alert will continue. A two-week extension ending on Oct. 4 was announced for the Level 2 alert by the CECC Sunday. Let's hear from the health minister.

    Chen Shih-chung

    CECC commander
    For this wave, our alert goes till Sept. 20. We are also announcing that from Sept. 21 to Oct. 4, the Level 2 alert will remain in force. For after that we’ll just have to wait see and make rolling adjustments.

    Kiang Wen-jo
    Director general for foreign trade, MOEA
    Exhibitions and their venues, as well as health and sanitation services must provide a list of employees’ health status, have more than 60% of the work force already vaccinated with a single dose, and set up rolling work schedule. Organizers of conferences and exhibitions must submit a prevention plan approved by local authorities three weeks prior to an event. And employees of the event organizer, contractors, and installation service providers prior to entering the facilities must have on their person a valid COVID negative PCR test report from within the last three days or a certification of vaccination.

    Many large exhibitions have been scheduled for the remainder of the year, such as pet and food expos. However, the venues all have comprehensive restrictions on food and beverage consumption. Capacity and social distancing limits also apply with one person per every 2.25 square meters and staggered seating. The total area occupied by booths cannot exceed 40% of the exhibit hall space, and the site must be regularly cleaned and disinfected.
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    全國二級警戒維持至10/4 會展活動「有條件」放寬


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