Name controversy continues with Tsai’s title on congratulatory letter (2019/07/09)
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    Name controversy continues with Tsai’s title on congratulatory letter (2019/07/09)

    Controversy has struck once again over the matter of Taiwan’s name. KMT lawmakers say that in a letter issued by the Presidential Office, Tsai Ing-wen refers to herself as, quote, “President of Taiwan, (R.O.C.).” The lawmakers say Tsai switched around the usual order of the R.O.C. and Taiwan, in a campaign to change the status quo. The Tsai administration says that the title used simply follows conventions in international media.

    It’s a letter of congratulations issued to Yilan City and Rockville, Maryland for establishing a sister-city relationship. At the bottom, there is Tsai’s signature and a title that reads “President of Taiwan (R.O.C.).”

    Lai Shyh-bao
    KMT lawmaker
    That is what she’s thinking in her heart of hearts. To her, it’s “President of Taiwan,” or the “president of Taiwan the nation.” The R.O.C. is relegated to parentheses. This is called “deceiving the public.”

    Chiang Tsung-yuan
    Yilan mayor
    The president of the United States refers to President Tsai as the president of Taiwan. The official letter inviting me to go to the U.S. on the 17th and establish the sister-city relationship -- here, I’m referred to as a Taiwanese mayor. Does the KMT consider itself to be the nationalist party of China or the Republic of China?

    According to the Presidential Office, the congratulatory letter had been drafted by the Yilan City Office and then submitted to the president for a signature. The city office had adopted a title Tsai had used during a state visit to Panama in 2016.

    Han Kuo-yu
    Kaohsiung mayor
    President Tsai Ing-wen, to this day … Over the past three years, I have rarely and barely ever heard her say the six words “I love the Republic of China” or proclaim that she is the president of the Republic of China.

    Xavier Chang
    Presidential spokesman
    During her Panama state visit, the president’s response at the time was that she was the elected president of Taiwan’s 23 million people. Global society and many international media outlets use the title “president of Taiwan.” The discussion on this matter doesn’t need to take an excessively political view.

    The Presidential Office maintained its previous stance amid the latest accusations from the opposition party.
    中文 Chinese  
    對外文件簽署"台灣總統" 藍不滿.府:國際稱呼

    宜蘭市和美國洛克維爾市簽署姊妹市,請蔡總統簽賀文,不過用字上,用President of Taiwan,而不是ROC,這讓國民黨立委認為,這樣已經更改了國號。不過總統府強調,這是宜蘭市府準備的賀文,而且國際上對台灣都用台灣來稱呼,不必政治解讀。

    這張宜蘭市和美國馬里蘭州洛克維爾市簽的姊妹市文件,上頭印著台灣總統President of Taiwan(R.O.C.)。

    [[立委(國) 賴士葆]]
    “這個就是她的內心深處所想的,President of Taiwan台灣國的總統,括弧才是R.O.C.,那個叫欺世盜名啦。”

    [[宜蘭市長 江聰淵]]
    “美國總統稱呼我們蔡總統是台灣的總統,正式邀請我去17號到美國締 盟姊妹市,也稱呼我是台灣的市長。你到底是中國國民黨還是中華民國國民黨。”

    原來這賀文,是由宜蘭市公所準備好,請總統簽署。其實早在2016年,蔡總統出訪巴拿馬,就在參訪的簽名簿上,親手簽下President of Taiwan。

    [[高雄市長 韓國瑜]]

    [[總統府發言人 張惇涵]]

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