A COVID resurgence in July? Experts weigh in (2022/06/23)
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    A COVID resurgence in July? Experts weigh in (2022/06/23)

    The epidemic is easing, but we’re not out of the woods yet. The CECC warns that a new COVID wave could sweep Taiwan as early as July, as new omicron subvariants make their way past the borders. One expert believes the new wave will be mild, given Taiwan’s widespread third-dose vaccination coverage. Another expert says Taiwan must pick up the pace on vaccinating older adults and very young children.

    Experts predict that local COVID cases will drop sharply by the end of the month. But the CECC warns that the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants can erupt in local communities at any time, sending case numbers rebounding as early as July.

    Lee Ping-ing
    Infectious diseases physician
    After lockdowns were lifted, some countries saw their case counts repeatedly surge to great heights before falling back down, for a period of up to three months. Some countries were cautious about epidemic prevention. Some countries were more proactive with epidemic prevention, so their case numbers didn’t rise as sharply or fall as quickly. Taiwan’s epidemic curve is more like that. Perhaps our case numbers will rise slightly, but it won’t be a serious surge – we won’t see a sharp rise in case counts.

    Dr. Lee Ping-ing said there was no need to fear a sharp COVID surge. He said Taiwan’s third-dose vaccination coverage was nearly 70%, and that fourth doses were already going out to high-risk groups. He said that even if the two omicron subvariants took hold of Taiwan, case counts would be unlikely to explode.

    Public health expert Hung Tzu-jen suggests stepping up rapid-test screenings at long-term care institutions. In addition, Taiwan should push to vaccinate more older adults and roll out shots to children aged 5 and under, to reduce severe illness and death. Experts are also calling on people to get vaccinated for the flu.

    Lee Ping-ing
    Infectious diseases physician
    In the past two years, Taiwan didn’t have a true influenza epidemic, so this year there could be one. Because we are relaxing epidemic prevention measures, maybe we’ll face the same situation that the southern hemisphere is facing, with COVID and flu epidemics occurring at the same time. The symptoms of both diseases are barely distinguishable, and flu can also become a severe illness for some as well.

    Amid fears of COVID striking during flu season, experts remind the public to practice good hygiene and other disease prevention measures, as they could be key to preventing a viral resurgence.
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    疫情最快7月回升? 李秉穎:應只會輕微上升


    專家預估,本土確診月底有望明顯下降,不過指揮中心莊人祥示警,Omicron BA.4、BA.5可能隨時突破進社區,甚至預估最快七月又有一波回升。

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