False killer whale returned to the wild after running around in Yilan (2021/11/25)
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    False killer whale returned to the wild after running around in Yilan (2021/11/25)

    A false killer whale was released back into the wild on Thursday, eight days after it washed up on a beach in Yilan. The animal, which is actually a species of dolphin, was found with weakened and malnourished, although it had no injuries. After eight days of round-the-clock care, it had regained enough strength to be returned to the open sea.

    Volunteers call out to their charge, who they’ve named “Bright One.” After days of looking after the false killer whale, it’s hard to say goodbye.

    Even so, it’s a joyous moment when it’s time for the release. The false killer whale was brought out to sea early Thursday morning. Out of an abundance of caution, the Coast Guard was sent to assist. Marine patrol officers pushed the stretcher to the side of the ship and lowered it slightly, to return the creature to the ocean.

    As if thanking its caretakers, the false killer whale didn’t leave immediately. Instead, it swam in between the two ships that were there to see it off. After taking a turn, it moved out into the depths of the sea.

    The false killer whale measures 3.2 meters long and weighs 350 kilograms. It ran aground last Wednesday along Su’ao Township. It was sent to a rehabilitation center in Keelung City, in a rare live rescue of a stranded marine mammal. More than 400 volunteers took turns monitoring its condition, providing round-the-clock care for eight days, until it grew strong enough to be released.

    Tseng Cheng-tsun
    Taiwan Cetacean Society secretary-general
    Preparations for the release began at 5 in the morning. Around 7:10, the animal came out of the pool. The transport process took about 20 minutes from start to finish. Now it’s on the boat ready to return to the sea.

    The release was no small undertaking, and the volunteers didn’t get much sleep. But to them, it’s all worth it to be able to get their friend home, safe and sound.

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    逾400位志工輪番照料 宜蘭擱淺偽虎鯨獲救野放






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