KMT lawmakers blast DPP for using state resources against Han Kuo-yu (2020/05/22)
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    KMT lawmakers blast DPP for using state resources against Han Kuo-yu (2020/05/22)

    Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu has suffered yet another setback in the attempt to suspend his recall election on June 6. The Taipei High Administrative Court announced on Friday that it had dismissed his appeal of an earlier decision made by a lower court. At the Legislative Yuan, members of Han's party, the KMT, rallied to support him. They accused the DPP of abusing state resources to intervene in the coming election

    KMT lawmakers held a press conference on Friday to throw their support behind Han. They criticized the DPP for using state machinery to undermine the mayor. In particular, they took issue with the HSR’s latest promotion. College students can get cheaper fares from May 27 to June 9, just in time to go home to Kaohsiung for the election.

    Lin Yi-hua
    KMT lawmaker
    We all know that the high-speed rail is a state-invested company. The government holds a stake as high as 66%. Even before train services have returned to normal, they’re hurrying to roll out these so-called WeCare anti-Han charter trains.

    Chen Chi-mai
    Vice premier
    At the moment, the coronavirus situation is comparatively stable. The HSR’s various promotions or other sales methods are matters that belong to the company’s internal operating strategy. We respect their decisions.

    Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai said that the government respects the operating strategy of the high-speed rail. Meanwhile the HSR issued a statement, saying that its recent promotions were launched to recover operating losses. The company said the first promotion began on May 20, and that more deals would follow. The explanation left KMT lawmakers unswayed. During Friday’s press conference, lawmakers said that even National Defense University had been asked to make accommodations for the recall vote. Its entrance exam was originally to be held on June 6 and 7. The test has been postponed to July 4 and 5 so that students could vote, lawmakers said. They charged the transportation, education, and defense ministries of colluding to remove Han from office.

    Chiang Wan-an
    KMT lawmaker
    This sudden postponement – what if it affects some students’ right to sit the exam? For the sake of intervening in this recall case, you’re gravely infringing upon the right of our young students to take the exam.

    Ho Chih-wei
    DPP lawmaker
    This postponement is absolutely justified, and this postponement is absolutely feasible. Han Kuo-yu once saved the whole party, and now the whole party is trying to save Han Kuo-yu.

    The lawmaker derided the KMT, for going on an indiscriminate offensive in the effort to defend its erstwhile star.
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    藍批高鐵推優惠為罷韓 高鐵:商業促銷



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