Largan Precision approves cash dividend of NT$68 per share (2019/06/12)
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    Largan Precision approves cash dividend of NT$68 per share (2019/06/12)

    Largan Precision Company, a camera lens supplier to Apple, has approved its second-highest cash dividend per share in history. At an annual meeting today, shareholders approved a proposal to issue cash dividends of NT$68 per share. Largan executives say that even with blowback from the U.S.-China trade war, production lines are at full capacity. Largan expects to see orders rise in July, and it plans to press on with its expansion projects.

    Shareholders at Largan Precision's general meeting have approved a cash dividend of NT$68 per share. They also approved changes to the board of directors. The Lin family's holding company took three board seats to become Largan's single largest corporate shareholder.

    Adam Lin
    Largan Precision CEO
    In 2018, consolidated revenue was NT$49,952,158,000. Compared to 2017, that's a 6% decrease from NT$53,127,510,000.

    Asked whether the trade war would hurt sales, Lin expressed short-term optimism.

    Adam Lin
    Largan Precision CEO
    July will be better than June - that's more or less our traditional peak season. In general, inventory draws tend to pick up in the third quarter.

    He told shareholders that production lines were at full capacity.

    He also weighed in on Hon Hai's 7% salary raise for its workers.

    Adam Lin
    Largan Precision CEO
    We raise salaries every year. It's about 3%, 3% on average.

    He said Largan Precision raises the salaries of its 7,000 employees by 3% each January to retain talent, as part of its corporate expansion plan.
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    股王大立光股東會 配發68元現金股利!



    [[大立光執行長 林恩平]]


    [[大立光執行長 林恩平]]



    [[大立光執行長 林恩平]]

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