KMT says members attending Straits Forum are not representing party (2020/09/16)
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    KMT says members attending Straits Forum are not representing party (2020/09/16)

    Political figures from the KMT and the New Party set off for the Chinese city of Xiamen on Wednesday to take part in the China-organized Straits Forum.
    The KMT says the deputy head of its China affairs, Chen Yao-hsin, will be participating but only in a personal capaity and NOT on behalf of the KMT.

    Tso Chen-dong
    KMT Mainland Affairs Department
    With regard to Mr. Chen Yao-hsin’s participation in this edition of the Straits Forum, we don’t consider it to be particularly special. Of course, we must still stress that the KMT is not sending a delegation or individuals to attend. This time round, KMT members will be joining the event in a personal capacity.

    Also attending the event will be former Hualien Mayor Wei Mu-tsun, who says he'll be representing the Labor Party, though he's not a registered member. Meanwhile, Pang Meng-lin, an assistant to Taichung KMT councilor Jan Ling-hsuan, will also be joining as a representative of the Labor Party. In total, 30 people from Taiwan will be attending, despite controversies surrounding the event.
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    切割! 前副主任參加海峽論壇 藍:不代表國民黨


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