Nurses in Zhubei maximize vaccine supplies by cutting waste (2021/06/10)
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    Nurses in Zhubei maximize vaccine supplies by cutting waste (2021/06/10)

    Nurses in Hsinchu County have found a way to maximize COVID vaccine supply. One public health center in Zhubei竹北 managed to squeeze an extra 165 doses out of a batch of 1,790. Experts, there, say the vaccine dosage for each person is 0.5 milliliters and that by cutting waste, they can get more people vaccinated more quickly.

    Vaccinating the nation is top priority. But doses are hard to obtain. Zhubei Public Health Center found a way to stretch out a batch of 1,790 doses and immunize more than 100 extra citizens. How did they do it?

    Tsai Hui-fang
    Zhubei Public Health Center head nurse
    If we use a 3-milliliter syringe, its large graduation makes it hard to measure the dose precisely. Also, when you withdraw the dose, there are frequently air bubbles. With a 1-milliliter syringe, the graduation is more precise, and when you withdraw the vaccine, there's less likely to be air bubbles. That prevents a lot of vaccine being wasted.

    Zhubei Public Health Center posted on Facebook that it had immunized 1,955 people with an AstraZeneca batch that was supposed to only do 1,790 jabs.

    Yang Wen-ko
    Hsinchu County commissioner
    One vial can provide 10 to 12 doses. Our colleagues at the Public Health Center used a more finely graduated syringe to administer a small dose, and to save resources.

    Some question if there's a risk of administering too small a dose, rendering the jab useless. The health center responded, each person only needs an injection of 0.5 milliliters. To get 10 to 12 jabs from a 6-milliliter vial should be totally viable.

    Tsai Hui-fang
    Zhubei Public Health Center head nurse
    We want to make the maximum possible use of it, because actually it can do 11 people, so we don't want to waste it. After all, it is hard to get hold of.

    Yang Wen-ko
    Hsinchu County commissioner
    We will spread this approach among all the towns in the county, so they can administer as many vaccinations as possible and have the greatest possible impact.

    Nurses all across the country are working flat out to make the immunization process effective. The sooner the vaccination is rolled out, the sooner the public has immunity from the threat of COVID.
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    一滴都不浪費! 竹縣1790人疫苗劑量多打165人



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