Primary care providers concerned about potential for vaccine mix-ups (2021/09/19)
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    Primary care providers concerned about potential for vaccine mix-ups (2021/09/19)

    With a steady stream of imports of AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccines, as well as the locally developed Medigen, several different brands of vaccines will end up being administered at the same time. Moreover, flu shots will begin in October, and that means as many as five different vaccines will be administered simultaneously. This has made primary care providers concerned about the increasing potential for vaccine mix-ups. To help in tracing possible adverse reactions, the CECC is reminding everyone to separate flu and COVID shots by at least a week.

    The roll-out of COVID vaccines has been gaining steam with batches of AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer arriving one after the other, and locally made Medigen added to the list. This has the country potentially on target for earlier than expected 60% single vaccination coverage by mid-October. However, COVID jabs are running up against the flu vaccination season, raising concerns amongst primary care clinics about administering all these vaccines simultaneously.

    Lin Ing-jan
    R.O.C. Primary Care Physicians' Association
    Usually all of one vaccine company's supply will get used up before receiving another company's. This is controlled by the health authorities. So, let's say this week's vaccine is AstraZeneca, we wouldn't receive a whole week's quantity. Usually we'll have one or two days worth of doses in our refrigerators, and once they're used up, we'll receive more, so it can get a bit complicated.

    Looking at the sequence for vaccinations, the appointment platform is at the eighth round of AstraZeneca, and opening up to the first group of senior recipients of Moderna to receive their second dose. Pfizer vaccinations for schools across Taiwan are concentrated on Sept. 22, and starting on the 25th, Pfizer vaccines will be administered to members of the public who've made a reservation online. Starting on the 28th, the recently arrived 1.08 million doses of Moderna will be given to seniors for their 2nd dose. Then on Oct. 3, Medigen will be rolled out as a second dose vaccine, and if we add in the flu vaccinations that would begin on Oct. 1, that makes five kinds of vaccines in the mix to sort out.

    Lee Ping-ing
    CECC Specialist Advisory Committee member
    That shouldn't be too big of a problem. What's important is verifying the vaccination records of people, because people might get the wrong vaccine. Sometimes someone's record is incomplete, so then there's no way to verify accurately what vaccine the person had before. That can increase the chances for a mix-up.

    The CECC encourages everyone not to worry. If prior vaccination is verified then there won't be any vaccination errors. But be sure to keep in mind that COVID and flu shots require a one week separation.

    Chang Shan-chwen
    CECC specialist advisory panel convener
    Because in general vaccinations that result in adverse reactions mostly happen within seven days, and in order to avoid uncertainty around these incidents, and exactly which vaccine caused it, we separate by seven days.

    Experts advise that the risk of vaccination mistakes is greatly reduced by people proactively providing their vaccination history and medical providers doing a double check on the system prior to giving someone a jab.

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    5種疫苗將同步開打! 基層診所憂流程混亂


    武肺疫苗 加速施打,隨著AZ、莫德納、輝瑞BNT 陸續到貨,還有國產高端加入接種行列,10月中旬之前,全台第一劑覆蓋率,可望提前達到六成目標,但即將碰上 流感疫苗接種季,五種疫苗齊發,讓基層診所有些憂心。

    [[基層醫療協會理事長 林應然]]

    以開打順序來看,目前預約平台進行到第8輪AZ,也開放首批長者打莫德納第2劑。9月22日,BNT將在全台校園集中接種,25日開始,BNT也提供給預約平台的民眾施打。之後從28日起,莫德納也有108萬劑,提供給長者做第二劑施打,10月3日起則是高端第二劑,如果加上 10月1號,可接種流感疫苗五種齊發,會不會造成混亂。

    [[指揮中心專家小組諮詢委員 李秉穎]]


    [[指揮中心專家小組召集人 張上淳]]

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